Egham and District Choral Society

EDCS was formed in 1953 and has for over sixty years performed choral music in the borough of Runnymede.

There are two choirs in the Society. Egham Choral is Runnymede's traditional choral society and the New Egham Singers were formed in 2009 as a direct result of our successful Learn To Sing initiative.

The two choirs combined have over 200 members and, although they have differing musical styles, try to get together at least once a year for a joint concert.

Egham Choral Logo NES Logo
Egham Choral New Egham Singers

Each choir within the Society has its own Committee and there is a Management Committee for the whole organisation.

Chairman - David Young
Treasurer - Linda Tate
Secretary - Mary Wildsmith
EC Rep. - Carol Hewitt
NES Rep. - David Evans

Registered Charity No. 277588


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